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Mint syrup

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Format: 750 ml

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Mint syrup is made from mint. Mint is a very aromatic plant up to 80 cm high. It belongs to the lamiaceae family. Its most widely used variety in herbal medicine is peppermint. It has a serratifoliée structure with square stems. Its color is green and its harvest is carried out annually. It is sown in spring and harvested in summer. It is found in Europe, Asia and North America.

A sip of fresh, revitalizing mint juice will transport you beyond the beaches of Senegal. Enjoy with sparkling or tonic water. Refreshing in summer, comforting in winter, it is a good source of antioxidants.

Dilute one portion of syrup in three portions of water (preferably sparkling). You can also make cocktails with milk and beer or in other cocktails with or without alcohol