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HOGO Market is a place where you can buy African goods, fashion items, electronics and handmade items directly from suppliers across Canada. We want to make sure HOGO Market experience is the best for you and your suppliers. See this document for more information on your rights and obligations as a merchant.
This regulation is part of our conditions of use. By opening an account on HOGO Market, you agree to these terms and conditions of use.

1. General
1.1 These Conditions govern the conditions of access to this Website and the services offered (the "Service") and their conditions of use. By using this Service, you agree to be bound by these Terms. If you do not wish to be bound by these Terms, do not use this service and / or do not register.
1.2 In these Terms and Conditions, the terms "HOGO Market", "we" and "our" refer to HOGO Market and its employees, directors, affiliates, successors and assigns. HOGO Market is a trademark of HOGO Market, registered in Quebec.
1.3 The terms "you" and "your" refer to any user of HOGO Market.
1.4 These Terms and Conditions came into effect on July 14, 2018. These Terms and Conditions may be subject to an update.
1.5 Governing Law: This Agreement is governed by Canadian law and the parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of Canadian courts.
1.6 No waiver: The failure of HOGO Market in the exercise or application of any right or provision of these Terms does not constitute a waiver of such right or provision.
1.7 Change: We may change these Terms and Conditions at any time without notice, except to the extent provided by law. You can check the latest version of these conditions at any time on this site. You may terminate your use of the Service if you dispute a change. If you use the Service after the effective date of a change, you are deemed to have accepted this change. You agree not to modify these Terms, and you acknowledge that any attempt by you to modify these Terms will improve.
1.8 Full agreement: This agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties and replaces any agreement or contract covering the subject of this contract.
1.9 Severability
If any provision of these Terms should be found invalid by a court or competent arbitrator, the parties nevertheless agree that the arbitrator or court should endeavor to implement the intentions reflected in the provision of the Terms, and other provisions in force. External links on the website lead to third party websites are provided to assist you. These sites are in no way controlled by HOGO Market and we are not responsible for the accuracy, completeness, legality or any other aspect of these sites, including the content. You access these sites at your own risk.

2.What can be sold on HOGO Market
HOGO Market is a unique market. Buyers come here to buy items with a service they may not find anywhere else.
Handmade items are items made and / or created by you, the seller.
2.1 All African products are products that come from Africa, (food products, Fashion from Africa). If you work with a production partner, you must report that production partner in the relevant product listings.
2.2 You must accurately describe, in the About section, each person involved in the manufacture of an item in your shop.
2.3 You are using your own photos - not photos from image banks, artwork of your article, or photos used by other sellers or other sites.
2.3.1 If you use third-party photos / images, you must ensure that they are royalty-free
2.4 If you sell custom items in the handmade category, you agree that:
2.5 All cards produced from custom items are available for purchase.
2.6 Each product sheet of a custom order has a fixed price.

3. Transparently represent yourself, your store and your product listings
Transparency is an important value for HOGO market. Transparency is about representing yourself honestly and accurately about yourself, your articles and your business.
By selling on HOGO Market, you agree that you:
3.1 Provide honest and accurate information in your shop.
3.2 Honor your general conditions of sale.
3.3 Exactly represent your articles in product sheets and photos of them.
3.4 Respect the intellectual property of others. If you believe that someone has infringed your intellectual property rights, you can report it to HOGO market.
3.5 Will not ship to bypass fees.
3.6 Do not create duplicate shops.
3.7 Do not establish a tariff agreement with other sellers.

4. Privacy and protection of personal information
You are responsible for protecting the personal information of members you receive or process, and for complying with all applicable legal obligations. This includes the existing privacy and data protection laws that govern the way in which
which you can use information belonging to a user of HOGO market. These laws may require you to publish and respect your own privacy policy, which must be available to HOGO Market users with whom you are communicating and consistent with this policy and HOGO Market Terms of Service.

5. Create and download content
As a member of HOGO Market, you have the ability to create and download various types of content, such as product listings, conversations, text, photos, and videos. To ensure security and respect within our community, you agree not to download content:
➢ Abusive, threatening, defamatory, considered harassment
➢ Obscene or vulgar;
➢ Which constitutes a violation of the privacy of another person;
➢ False, misleading or deceitful.

6. Build a strong reputation through our notification system
Reviews are a good way to build a reputation in HOGO market. Buyers can leave a review, along with a one-to-five star rating and a photo of their purchase, within 100 days of the expected delivery date of their item. Buyers can modify their opinion, including photos, as many times as they wish during this 100-day period.
If you receive an unfavorable opinion, you can contact the buyer or, if the review is less than 3 stars, post a reply.
Notices and your response to notices can not:
➢ Contain private information;
➢ Contain obscene, racist or harassing images or language;
➢ Contain claims of prohibited medicinal substances;
➢ Contain advertising or spam;
➢ Concerning things beyond the control of the seller, such as the carrier, HOGO Market or a third party; or
➢ To undermine the integrity of the notice system.

6. Proxy scam
Counterfeit scam is strictly prohibited on HOGO Market. Counterfeit scam is fraudulently increasing the reputation of a store by using another account. The purpose of the scam by proxy is to make a seller more attractive by increasing the number of sales of his shop and the overall score of reviews. Not only does this violate our fundamental value of transparency. Notices must reflect the buyer's experience or honest and impartial opinions, conclusions and beliefs.

7. Offer excellent customer service
We expect our salespeople to offer high-end customer service. By selling on the HOGO market, you agree to:
7.1 Respect your shipping times. Sellers are required to ship an item or to prepare the order, to execute the transaction concluded with a buyer with the necessary celerity, except in exceptional cases.
7.2 Respond to conversations in a timely manner.
7.3 Resolve disagreements or conflicts directly with the buyer. If you do not reach a resolution, our dispute resolution team can help you with our litigation system.
7.4 If you are unable to fulfill an order, you must inform the buyer and cancel the order.
The HOGO market will help you deliver quality customer service and maintain the trust of your buyers through our Customer Service Standards.

8. Obligations
By Selling on HOGO Market, you accept :
8.1 Do not access or attempt to use it if you are under 18 years of age and do not have the legal capacity to contract in the territory concerned;
8.2 Provide truthful, accurate, current and complete evidence of your identity and update them as they change;
8.3 To provide us with truthful information during your payment transactions;
8.4 Do not provide false or misleading information;
8.5 Do not allow any third party to access your registration information;
8.6 Do not refuse to confirm any information you provide or refuse to cooperate during an investigation;
8.7 Do not use an anonymizer proxy, use a tool such as a robot or a manual process to scan or monitor this platform.

10. Complaints
To make a complaint about the HOGO Market service, please send an email to "Contact Us" or email
We will acknowledge receipt of your complaint within two business days. We will investigate and report the results of our investigation within seven business days of receiving your request.

HOGO Market takes security very seriously. We do our best to use advanced technologies to keep your information and transactions secure. HOGO Market is a safe and convenient place to buy and sell.
If you know a person or entity If you receive an email supposed to come from HOGO Market, first check the last part of the sender, it should end with "@" but if you suspect a phishing scam , please and transfer or send using this email using the contact form or email (